Why Current Diversity Programs Fail, and What We’re Doing About It

Why Current Diversity Programs Fail, and What We’re Doing About It

Unconscious Bias is one of the most challenging topics for trainers and HR to deal with today, as you probably know. We spend all this time and money on work training that isn’t sinking in to employees. Yet everyone knows the value of conscious inclusion to both employees and the business’s bottom line.

Well, the good news is, while we can’t make the topic less sensitive, we now know how to make the training exponentially more effective: Virtual Reality soft-skill training is the evolution of Diversity & Inclusion.

Harvard Business Review’s Analysis on Diversity Programs (And It’s Not Good)

“Laboratory studies show that this kind of force-feeding can activate bias rather than stamp it out.”

If you follow American politics, we’re ever more forced to deal with the effects of base human nature. “Try to coerce me to do X, Y, or Z, and I’ll do the opposite just to prove that I’m my own person.”

Sound familiar? We’ve all had moments like this. The problem is, it’s one thing to be contrary to annoy your spouse momentarily; it’s another when employees’ jobs, success and happiness is at long- or even short-term risk.

There’s no substitute for sharing the same experience as someone else. Not reading about it, seeing a video on it, or answering a multiple-choice test on it. Sharing it. Living it, for yourself.

This is an area of corporate training that I think can never be truly effective without some form of virtual reality. Luckily, the technology has caught up to the idea of VR, and we can fully immerse employees in situations we can alter and change at will.

That’s the goal.

We’ve aquired one of the world’s only Diversity & Inclusion room-scale VR training modules, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg for what’s coming.

We’re excited to offer HR professionals in the region a demo and short meeting so you can see for yourself how VR is going to drastically change corporate training for the better.

Please contact us below, we’d love to hear about your training needs!

— Chris Hatala, Event Director / Final Boss @ Games Done Legit



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