Team Building

Take your TEAM BUILDING to the Next Dimension

Wow your associates with the future of company meetings, team-building and training, with virtual reality, videogaming, and event technology.

Team Building

Take your TEAM BUILDING to the Next Dimension

Wow your associates with the future of company meetings, team-building and training, with virtual reality, videogaming, and event technology.


We offer completely customized Team Events that will get your entire company working together

When creating a Team Building Event, it is important to ensure these are both educational and fun for the participants to enjoy. Through virtual reality, video games and technology, our Team Building Events offer everything to bridge gaps in the workforce and create new found relationships between employees. Using our years of experience and unlimited resources, we can bring your Team Building Ideas to life from all levels of your business from C Level positions all the way to new hires.


Multi-Generational Appeal

Guaranteed to get baby boomers communicating and learning with millenials - and they'll all love it!

Turnkey + Customized

We have an endless supply of activities, which we set up right in to your office/venue!

Motivate to Get Measurable Results

Get everyone laughing, goal-focused and working together, from C-level to your youngest hires.

One-of-a-kind, Fun team-building activities!

VR Team Building from Games Done Legit at Northeast Ohio Girl Scouts

Bomb Defusal for Virtual Reality

Team members must work together to solve an order of and communicate steps to defuse the bomb!

Problem Solving, Crisis Management

Wii Rowing Team Building

Cooperative Canoeing

Players must row in harmony with group to achieve top times through courses!

Coordinated Physical Effort, Geshthalt Psychology


Multiplayer Co-op Pac-Man

Players work together to advance UP through the stage, avoiding ghosts on the way and earning combos for dots eaten in a row!

Communication, Leadership


“Be Your Own DJ” Simulator

Each player is responsible for one element of the mix, with the goal of making a song!

Creativity, Coordination, Decompression


Spaceship Crew Repair

Crisis Management, Communication

Each player receives unique instructions that must be voiced aloud to other players, one of whom must act on them before you Crash!

Crisis Management, Simplifying Communication


Virtual Reality Maze

Participants must use their map to verbally help the navigator with the high-end VR headset through the maze to the finish line!

Problem Solving, Direction


Pictionary-style Sketch

Players take turns with 1 player having 3 minutes to draw on their tablet a word given to them by the game. Other users guess what they draw!

Simplifying Communication, Recognition of Others' Styles


Rock Band

Players decide who takes which instrument, and then agree on a song to play together!

Delegation, Recognizing Individual Strengths


Team Cooking

Players decide as a group who will be responsible for preparing which ingredients, then they must pass on their work to the right chef (while everyone stays out of each other’s way)!

Delegation, Communication, Adaptation, Efficiency


Cooperative Tetris

The classic game of Tetris, but with 4 players contributing to the same game at once!

Adaptation, Efficiency


Mario Chase

While Mario runs, the other teammates must coordinate together to trap him!

Communication, Opposition, Coordinated Effort


Premium Virtual Reality Exercise - Star Trek Bridge

Star Trek Bridge Crew Virtual Reality Team Mission for 4. Boldly Go on a mission in which every member has a vital job to do if you want to save the Enterprise!

Problem Solving, Delegation, Management


Heads Up Guessing Game

Players take turns as the “guesser”, who must use the group’s verbal cues to correctly guess the word shown on the tablet!

Icebreaker, Decompression


Premium Virtual Reality Exercise - Terra Firma

Participants play Terra Farma - a Augmented Reality game where a farmer and Hololens Operator work together to farm vegetables while other participants play as moles to steal the crops!

Opposition, Communication, Problem Solving


1. What size group do I need?

A: Groups of 4 through 120 are most typical, but our activities are modular and scalable, so we can work with any group size!

2. How many Activities / How much time do we select?

A: Most clients select 3-6 Activities, from anywhere from 1 1/2 to 4 hours of session time with us.

3. Who are your activities designed for?

A: We created our team-building activities to bring gaps between generations and gender, and for anyone who at least played Space Invaders or Pong as a kid.

We designed each of them so even non-"gamers" will be comfortable and having fun within 5 minutes.

4. What's the cost per person?

A: Price is calculated by time and group size (and VR activities are premium charges).

Most of Games Done Legit's team-building clients select packages between $875-$4,000.

Our premium C-level/management VR Starship Crew experience starts at $6,250 per session.

5. Can you design the best fit for my team, goals and budget?

A: YES! Reach out so we can learn about your team and goals today!

Team Building featured in:

Why can’t all our meetings be like this?

— Lyndsey

Talent Launch HR Specialist

It’s one thing to have blind faith in a company you’ve never done business with, it’s another thing to put complete trust in a company you’ve never seen in action before set the tone for your entire weekend by being the first things everyone sees; however, its people with personalities and professionalism like yours, who take extra time building an event and scrutinizing small details, to ensure everyone looks good in the end, makes me personal grateful to being able to work with you.

— Erron

Palmer Event Solutions

When our point of contact makes statement the statement to us that “we have to figure out how to do that in another country,” or when I over heard the owners talking to employees that showed up just for Saturday night dinner raving about “playing all these cool retro games and feeling like a kid again,” is an extreme testament to the amazing job you did this weekend.

— Erron

Palmer Event Solutions

This was a really fun activity. Great way to engage with staff that you don’t typically. It was relaxed and yet fun.

— Girl Scouts

Everybody loved the video games, old school and new. It was all positive feedback and extremely well received. Thank you for setting everything up.

— Shadi


It was an interesting way to bond with coworkers. The video gaming was extremely fun and never got boring.

— Girls Scouts of Northeast Ohio

They loved the event and learned that they LOVE competition!

— Gail

Palmer Event Solutions

The CEO let us know how much fun it was to feel like a kid again!

— Universal Windows Direct

Thanks again for putting on such a great event! Everyone loved it! Appreciate the extra effort you made for sure.

— Jeff S.

Loved having Games Done Legit at our wedding reception! Chris and his team were so great to work with and customized everything for us to make things extra special. We had classic video games, giant Jenga, and, instead of a crazy expensive photo booth, they were able to show our guests’ social media photos with our hashtag on a big screen – so fun! Would definitely recommend them to make your reception one to remember.

— Mallory

Married on 07/01/17

This was the best meeting ever!

— Angelina

Hyland Software

I’ve had the opportunity to attend a few GDL Entertainment events and I was blown away by just how much fun they were. Gaming is a defining trait of my generation and they are the experts. I’m going to continue to be on the lookout for more chances to be a part of their events.

— Nick Borelli

Chris at Games Done Legit made our tournament and retrogaming library program a huge success! From planning to marketing to coordinating the day of, Chris was incredibly attentive, flexible, and helpful every step of the way! If you want personalized service and a whole lot of enthusiasm, check out Games Done Legit for all your gaming program needs – he loves working with non-profits too!

— Shannon Wood

Akron-Summit County Public Library

The staff had a great time, and continue to talk about their team experience and communication. Thank you!

— Barbara Hill

Chief Operating Officer, Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio

I am still getting complements on the originality of my Bar Mitzvah entertainment. From everyone. The parents were thrilled to have peace and quiet, and the kids were delighted!

— Raizel Michelow

Twenty-4 Zen Granola


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