After Prom Entertainment / School Dances

Games Done Legit is all about new, creative, unique ways to engage teens and kids at traditional school events, like after prom entertainment, homecoming dances, and school events.

Our activities complement any dance party perfectly in ways no one else offers!

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AA Rock Band Mitzvah

Are you looking to engage all kids for a school dance?

Is your school after prom entertainment too expensive/or and under delivering?

Games Done Legit gives teens and kids unique, proven ways to interact in a positive way: through videogames they all love!

Games Done Legit is the undisputed leader in after prom entertainment, as well as homecoming dances and school entertainment.

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Just Dance School Dance Games Done Legit


  • Engage all kids, not just the outgoing ones
  • Break down cliques through games like Mario Kart
  • Our Giant Screens create amazing spectacle
  • Give everyone something to do and laugh about
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Popular Activities for After Prom Entertainment, Homecoming Dances, and School Events:

Retro+Modern Videogame Zones

Ferrari Arcade Racing Zones

   Just Dance Stage       

All of our services include:

Dedicated Event Tech

Each activity has a fully trained, fairly compensated, 'people-person' technician to ensure your guests are happy, so you're not left to worry about equipment or technical difficulties!

Planning/labor included

No hidden fees, no shady contracts, no fine print. Our pricing is simple and client-focused!

Unparalleled technical expertise

You won't find any events company with more in-depth knowledge of how to engage guests through electronic entertainment!

A personal touch

You'll deal with the owner directly, who listens to your needs and matches your goals with our services to ensure you get exactly what you're looking for.