Make It Fun

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Make It Fun

Retro & Modern Technology for Unforgettable Events

Corporate Events

You work more than 2,100 hours per year. Your team deserves 3 hours of the most fun you can have at work!

Team Building

We bring fun, memorable activities right to your office - you won't find them anywhere else! From C-Level to All-Company Events.

Employee & Family Appreciation

Group activities guaranteed to create the smiles you're hoping for!


Using FUN & the latest in technology & trentds to reinforce skills, create winning strategies, and help people do their job better!

Enthrall kids for hours with the most unique bat / bar mitzvah celebration you've ever seen: Videogaming & Virtual Reality!

We also help you choose exactly what you want for traditional event needs! (DJ, Photobooth, Lighting)

Celebrate your love with the games you and your partner grew up with!

We can also help you find exactly what you want for DJ, lighting, music -- all your event needs!

Videogames & VR help kids learn exponentially! We guide kids on interactive, hands-on learning adventures for the 21st century.


Impress Your Guests With An Unforgettable Virtual Reality & Videogaming Experience!

From corporate events (Corporate Training, Employee Appreciation & Team Building) to Bat and Bar Mitzvahs, to Weddings, Games Done Legit incorporates the latest advances in Virtual Reality and the nostalgic wonder of Videogames you grew up with to bring a whole new dimension to your celebration.

Amaze and surprise your guests with 21st-century entertainment! "Make it FUN!"

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