HR News: WalMart VR Manager Training is Doing Its Job for the Bottom Line

At Games Done Legit, we’re huge advocates of how virtual reality (VR) is not only uniquely fun to use, but it’s also an incredible “empathy machine” and training tool. As you know as an HR professional, many people are capable of a great interview, but studies are showing that interviewing well does not correlate to high job performance.

But what if you could observe the interviewee actually doing the job. What if you could observe their natural, unvarnished reaction and response to a real situation they’d face? And what if you can observe them in a way that they forget they’re being watched?

No movie or powerpoint can help you feel what it’s like to be someone else. You don’t have to imagine: You can experience it for yourself. And some progressive HR departments are taking notice.

Here’s how WalMart is using VR to test promotion candidates.

(I’ve summed up the need-to-know for you below.)

“Hey, guys, I’m totally working over here!” I bet this guy is just watching Game of Thrones or something.

How We Can Do Better

While this early success is promising, the company providing the training is using low-quality VR headsets that do not enable the user to walk around, use their hands to interact with the experience, and show an unrealistic-looking world.

They began working on and pitching their training when this was the only headset available, and they’re also relatively inexpensive. But in 2019, we already have wireless, walkaround-capable, hands-using VR headsets that are also pretty cheap (starting at $400/apiece) — let alone the PC-powered, business-end VR headsets that we at Games Done Legit exclusively use.

VR training has huge advantages for companies:

  1. It’s much cheaper than running a candidate through a real situation you want to test them on.
  2. Role-playing just got way less awkward, because it feels real — and doesn’t rely on employee “acting”.
  3. Improved training means less mistakes, which means saving the company tons of money


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How you can see the power of VR training for yourself

We’ve been using a Diversity & Inclusion VR training experience for a few months now, and it’s excited all the trainers we’ve demoed it to.

Would you like to be next to see how VR training can make your life much easier? Reach out below and tell me more about you and your needs!

It’s indescribably awesome to be on the cutting edge of this technology that can have such a tangible impact on the quality of life for employees (and the company bottom line) at just about any organization.

Call/email me today, connect with me on LinkedIn, or let’s plan for you to check out VR training at the next Cleveland, Toledo, or Ohio HR conference!

— Chris Hatala, Event Director / Final Boss @ Games Done Legit

Games Done Legit exhibing corporate team building at NOHRCChris with the same portable headsets used in WalMart’s VR training at… some past show. I can’t keep them straight, we do so many!

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