Boldly Go Where No Team Building Has Gone Before (Star Trek VR Recap)

Virtual Reality allows you to live your dreams.

The intrepid group at Acroment Technologies strapped on VR headsets to Boldly Go Where No Team Building Has Gone Before! So here’s a short recap of our Star Trek Bridge Crew VR team building.

When I booted Lightblade VR for the first time, I was really wielding a lightsaber, blocking laser blasts like Luke in the first Star Wars. It was a dream come true. Star Trek Bridge Crew VR gives you that same childlike wonder. And, it fills you and your crewmates with the excitement, fear, and triumph of having a vital role on the bridge of a starship.

Star Trek Bridge Crew VR Team Building at Games Done Legit 2

Star Trek Bridge Crew VR team building requires a group of four — helm (driver), engineering (“I’m doin’ everythin’ ah can, Captain!”), tactical (shields, weapons), and captain. Each person assumes their own chair and console on the bridge of an Enterprise-like ship, with missions to rescue, protect, and discover.

There are multiple ways to solve problems. A good crew listens to each other and then acts decisively. And there are no individual achievements — your success or failure depends on everyone doing their job right.

Working in an office is as tough as running a starship. Our team building can help.

There’s always going to be people who don’t see eye-to-eye with, “orders” we have to carry out that we aren’t 100% sold on, and situations where we wish we could fire up our Warp Drive to go off on an extended vacation.

Our unique team building at Games Done Legit can make your job a bit more like an adventure, even just for one day.

Star Trek Bridge Crew VR Team Building at Games Done Legit 1

And you can carry these positive experiences with your coworkers back to the grind, making your universe a slightly more familiar and friendly place.

This is the kind of next-level VR offering you’ll only find with Games Done Legit. We really love and understand this technology and what it’s capable of. This was quite a challenge to setup and run in the same space!

I hope you enjoyed this window into the inner workings of Games Done Legit’s unique team building. If I can ever be helpful with ideas for your group, please contact us today!


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