3 Unique Add-ons for Holiday Party Entertainment

Hello! As fall quickly turns to winter, I thought it might be worth sharing some of the event trends that we’ve had success with this year. We’re always looking for ways to put a new spin on traditional ideas, and here are (what I hope are) 3 unique add-ons to Holiday Party entertainment that you’re employees have never seen!

1. Karaoke + Rock Band Stage

Bad karaoke is, for many, a fortunate/unfortunate holiday staple. Realizing this, I wanted to come up with something that works a bit better for everyone.

Rock Band/Guitar Hero has been passe long enough for it to now be labeled as “nostalgia” — everyone in the workplace remembers either playing it (or their kids getting into it).

So it’s been a big hit so far! We set up:

*2 microphones, and you get all the words (and even your pitch) on the screen.
*2 guitars, for the non-singers, guitar-lovers, and the shy types, and:
*1 Yamaha drum kit, for the rockers!
*Sound system and spectator screen for viewing.

Universal Windows Direct Games Done Legit Team Building Rock Band

2. Everybody Can Race!

What’s another thing anyone can do? Drive. No, I don’t mean professional driving like we’re at Le Mans (although we can do that for you in Virtual Reality).

I mean good ol’ arcade-style, pedal-to-the-metal racing!

Ferrari Racing Zone

For 4, 6 or 8 racers at a time, we can set up our Ferrari Racing Zone with just 2 tables. It’s one of our activities that’s been a huge hit as an activity someone of any age can get into.

I know it’s tough to find stuff that everyone from millenials to boomers can participate in together, but this has been our strongest!

3. Quiplash Gets a Whole Ballroom Laughing

For events with a smaller budget, or with their holiday party mostly being about the dinner or a presentation, we needed to think of something that a whole ton of people can do at once.

We found it in one of the most clever party games you’ll ever find: Quiplash!

Quiplash For Corporate Events

Quiplash is kind of like Apples to Apples / Cards Against Humanity, but we write the “questions” ourselves that are all related to your business. And players write their own answers, which the entire room votes on.

The game only takes about 10 minutes a session, it lets people get a little creative, and still gives the wallflowers and anti-socialites a way to participate with the group, because up to 10,000 people can play in the same game.

We’ve tailored this for a few companies now, and it’s been a big hit.

So there.

So there’s 3 unique add-ons to Holiday Party entertainment for this season.

We know a lot of employees like having the same thing each year, but also a lot of them don’t! So it never hurts to add something on the side to augment the successful parties you’re already planning.

Give us a call if these (or anything else on the Corporate Games Done Legit webpage) might be helpful to you this season! We’d love to talk with you!

You can even stop by our new office and demo these (and our amazing Virtual Reality Zone) to see for yourself!

Thanks — I hope this was helpful!

Chris Hatala Games Done Legit arcade kid

— Chris Hatala, Event Director / Final Boss @ Games Done Legit.
Read my origin story if my kid pic has you curious about why we do this!
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