Mario Kart Tournament & Trivia: Bloodfeud Kent

Mario Kart Tournament & Trivia comes to Kent from Cleveland! What: Join us for a night of Mario Kart spectacle! The most amazing videogaming setup you’ve seen, tons of prizes, and even Mario Kart trivia to appease those who don’t emerge victorious! Whether you’re a ringer or haven’t played since high school, take your chance to play Mario Kart under the bright lights of this amazing projection display plus comedic commentary! Last time at Bloodfeud @ Beachland Ballroom:

Where: The Stone Tavern in Kent (110 E. Main St., Kent, OH 44240, 330-677-7320) When: June 28. 7:30 – 10 p.m. (Get there 20 min early to register!)
How Much: $7.50 pre-register (Paypal with your first name in the message!), $10/door

Mario Kart Tournament Grand Prize: *$50 Cash *Retrogaming Prize Package    -Brand-new Nintendo Game (NES): Haunted Halloween ‘85    -Nintendo Quest DVD (Director’s Cut) *Pabst Blue Ribbon Hat *Loot Crate Exclusive *Cleveland “Nintendo” bumper sticker *Free entry to next event

2nd/3rd: *Free entry to next Kent Bloodfeud *Nintendo Quest DVD (Director’s Cut) *Pabst Blue Ribbon Hat *Cleveland “Nintendo” bumper sticker

4th & 5th: *Free entry to next Kent Bloodfued *Pac-Man or Question Block Souvenior Candy *Cleveland “Nintendo” bumper sticker

Comedic Commentary: Matt Farkas Tim Cornett Mario Kart Tournament FAQ: What Version of Mario Kart are We Playing? A: Mario Kart 8 for Wii U, with all DLC How many spots? A: up to 60 people can register. How do I Register? A: Save by pre-registering! Paypal $7.50 to with your first name in the notes. OR on the day of at least 30 minutes before the event ($10) Whats the prize? A: See above for tournament prizes! We have a ton! We’ll also have Trivia prizes throughout, too! How many Rounds? A: 3 rounds! The First round will be up to 15 tracks with 4 players at a time. The second round will be 4 tracks elimination round with the up tot 15 winners and 6 wildcards who will get a second shot at glory. What Tracks Am I playing? A: Revealed at Showtime, I’ve limited the tracks recommended to non-DLC tracks, but we do end on Rainbow Road Are All the stages unlocked? A: Yes!  Is this played on TV or a projector? It will played in the Stone Tavern on a projector with videowall projections by Kevin Jackson Who picks the stage/cup? A: A secret wing of the Illuminati, that only cares about videogames We’ve limited the tracks recommended to non-DLC tracks so players with any version of Mario Kart 8 will be prepared and comfortable! 15 initial 4-player races with the following stages and rules and the top player advancing will whittle us down to 15 competitors, assuming we start with the full 60. If not, we can always alter initial pools accordingly. Mario Kart Stadium Sunshine Airport Rainbow Road All characters and karts legal No teams Items: Frantic 100cc Com: Normal Com vehicles: All Courses: Choose Race count: 3 Races After this we’ll likely do another smaller wave of pools depending on entrant count due to time constraints. I’d recommend the following stages and settings for this: Thwomp Ruins Shyguy Falls Electrodome All characters and karts legal No teams Items: All 150cc Com: Normal Com vehicles: All Courses: Choose Race count: 3 Races Mario Kart Tournament finals: Bone Dry Dunes Bowser’s Castle Mount Wario All characters and karts legal Items: All 150cc Com: None Courses: Choose Race count: 3 Races Our Mario Kart Tournament rulesets are designed to be a little more hectic (and lower speed) early on to appeal more to casual/newer players. We want everyone to have a great time, from casual to hardcore! This is an amazing show! Games Done Legit is proud to partner with America’s Tim Cornett and Kevin Jackson projections!]]>

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