3 Adorable Uses of Virtual Reality that will make you say "Awwww!" – VR

3 Adorable Uses of Virtual Reality that will make you say "Awwww!" – VR

continually talking about how VR and AR can dramatically impact education and business for the better, there’s not enough talk about how it can better showcase the most adorable stuff on the Internet. Here’s 3 uses of Virtual Reality that will make you say “Awwww!”

VR? 360? What’s the difference?

Virtual Reality is virtual space where the headset user can interact with the virtual environment. 360-video is a passive experience where the headset user is watching recorded video, but unlike a computer screen, they can look around in all directions just like real life. Think of VR as more like a videogame and 360 video more like TV. (However, no one knows what you’re talking about if you say “360 video” – hence the title of this article. But now you know!)

1. Puppies

Why watch in 360 video a bunch of puppies getting fed? That’s already cute, but seeing their neighbors in the next cage look on longingly and try to jump the barrier is even more adorable. Any petshop right now could set up a 24/7 360-degree Facebook Live broadcast and probably become millionaires. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qmmms4VP2k

2. Babies

It’s now possible to see your unborn baby mapped out through ultrasound and viewed in 3-D space through VR googles. In the words of the father who initiated the process: “When I put the VR glasses on for the first time, the experience took my breath away. Even though I knew this was only a 3D model, the fact that it was based on our unborn child and the power of this immersive experience really blew my mind. “For the first ten minutes, I was just sitting still on the floor watching her floating in the air next to me. It was very emotional and calming, yet unreal.”

3. Zoo Animals

One of the most exciting uses for 360-video is for travel and for environmental care & advocacy. Seeing exotic locales and animals right from your desk chair is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSLrHZXfNZ4 The reactions from when we showcased this tour on VR headsets for the first time were amazing. So amazing, we spontaneously had to capture it! https://youtu.be/fPJU83LOHjk

Good 360 video on YouTube should have these two things:

VR is making a lot of headlines right now, and companies that don’t understand the technology are trying to use “VR” to make a quick buck. Consequently, there’s a lot of trash content to sift through online. Good 360 content will feature action happening close to the camera (the resolution in 360 can’t match traditional video yet). There should also be interesting things happening not just at the front of the video but also along the sides. (Otherwise, why didn’t they just shoot in regular video?)

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