Cleveland Clash 2 Wrap-Up

Another Clash in the bag. This one was easier to run than the first, and we had even more setups and equipment but I was able to utilize the space much better this time around, I think. Cleveland Clash 3 on June 13 will be even bigger and better — RSVP now so you don’t forget! (If you’ve got some feedback for me, let me know on Facebook or Twitter!) We had more than 75 people at this one, and I think June 13 will be even better guys. Thanks everyone for supporting the idea that the Cleveland area could sustain a competitive event that can run and is the right atmosphere or gamers supporting & competing in what they love. Please take 6 seconds and follow GamesDoneLegit on Twitch guys! I want to be able to show you guys at your best in tournament, and that means building up a quality stream you can all be proud of! Dirty Nerds also streams a lot of our stuff and Gino works really hard at delivering awesome fighting-game and retrogame content w/ pretty sweet and salty commentary. Please follow him, too to see some awesome content! Watch live video from GamesDoneLegit on Twitch I can’t thank Jason Baney of Team Oat Fighter from Erie, PA, enough for his contribution to Cleveland Clash. I have good amount of equipment, but Jason’s stuff is what really makes this special. Props to Dempt (Matt Bidwell) of CLE for running his very first Smash Bros. Melee tournament. The former T.O. of the region, Josh Lozar, is an amazing guy who’s now left CLE for a great job in Baltimore, so our Melee scene is figuring out how to replace him with a talented team of T.O.s and streamers. P.B. (Patrick Brett) & Beegs (Cory Beegle). These guys are really stepping up for everyone! Big thanks to all bracket runners as well. You guys are the blood that keeps the scene flowing! Michael Bauer and Dirty Nerds’ Gino Zaccardelli worked super hard on event streams as well, and I can’t thank them enough. Look for Twitch and/or YouTube footage soon – I’ll post them to the Cleveland Videogames facebook group! Between his dozen-plus monitors, consoles, power equipment, and even mobile Internet, he’s basically got a mobile tournament factory on wheels! He really wants to see the region’s fighting-game and Smash players come together and enjoy each others’ events, and thanks to him we have as many consoles as we would for a Season’s Beatings! Results & tournament-director’s commentary below: Results for Super Smash Bros. Melee — full thread at Smashboards! Melee stream was a test with the Internet we had. We’re gonna do it big for June! Melee Singles (33 entrants):

1st Teeny Meat (Vudujin)   25 Vudujin
2nd 4PG | 4%   19 4% APR
3rd vidjogamer   16 vidjogamer
Melee Doubles:
1st 4PG | 4% + 4PG | Housewife   0  
2nd 4PG | .Ðempt + vidjogamer   0  
3rd TheRealThing + Edgeguard Jason   0 TheRealThing
Smash 4 : (TBA) Ultra Street Fighter 4 (18 entrants)
  1. Shinlad (Adam Fazenbaker, PGH)
  2. Klimax (Jon Klimas, PGH)
  3. Guiseppe (Guiseppe Zielinski, PGH)
C’mon Ohio! We can do better than this! GS to the Pittsburgh crew, you guys are pro at everything you play. Mortal Kombat X (13 entrants? Full results coming)
  1. Mystery Euclid kid
  2. Shinlad (Adam Fazenbaker, PGH)
  3. (Info coming)
This was our first MKX tournament, and it was pretty hype. A kid who can’t even drink  yet beasted on everyone. Looking to see the hype continue throughout May and June, leading up to the next one. One wrinkle was that a new patch that really changes the game came out a few days before the tournament. This is always a danger with new fighting games and can make tournament play a crapshoot in some situations. I’m just glad Super Turbo is never going to change. (They tried once. It failed. But at least we got this amazing NorCal Regionals intro video out of it.) Super Street Fighter II Turbo (11 entrants)
  1. GDL | Ghaleon (Chris Hatala, CLE)
  2. PimpSirRichard (Brian Heath, Cbus)
  3. nomrah (Harmon Tam, CLE)
With Brent (Immortal Cheezface) not in attendance, the bracket changes completely. Brian took ST over Brent twice in March, which was incredible — we’ll see what happens in June. Glad to see so many people enjoying ST! It’s the definition of easy to play, hard to master. If you’re a CLE player, I can always bring my ST arcade board to my weekly bar events on Mondays and Thursdays. You also see crazy new stuff everytime you play. (This IMPOSSIBLE DRAGON PUNCH I did is from Hyper Fighting, but yeah, ST is much crazier. Watch this short clip.) Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (10 entrants)
  1. GDL | Ghaleon (Chris Hatala, CLE)
  2. PimpSirRichard (Brian Heath, Cbus)
  3. Guiseppe (Guiseppe Zielinski, PGH)
3rd Strike has kind of been timeless in Cleveland thanks in large part to the “3rd Strike Johns” who play at GDL’s Monday night event every week, and I’ve been able to learn quite a bit through placing in national tournaments since 2005 and getting to play in Japan. (Here’s that time I beat the greatest American fighting-game player ever, Justin Wong, in 3s in tournament, and yes I hang my hat on this as a competitive fighting-game player. 2:55 my Denjin Ryu gets in there.) Please take a second and follow our YouTube channel! I’m going to upload some never-bef0re-seen Season’s Beatings matches, and all our Cleveland Clash stuff and Cleveland Retrogame League stuff should be coming up there soon! Some really cool people play the game in the Lake Erie region, and 3s is really a different beast than other fighting games. If you’re getting bored w/ your normal fighters, def give it a shot. The people here are willing to show you what’s up! Capcom vs. SNK 2 (8 entrants)        
  1. PimpSirRichard (Brian Heath, Cbus)
  2. nomrah (Harmon Tam, CLE)
  3. GDL | Ghaleon (Chris Hatala, CLE)
Yes, CVS2 got a full 8-man bracket. Glad I have 10 tube TVs to leave at the venue so we can host the OGiest of the OG fighting games! This game is still the slowest tournament game ever devised so Harmon might not even run it again. 😉 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (6-man round robin)
  1. Ocean (Ocean Leigh, CLE)
  2. … I got the bracket around here somewhere …if you know who let me know.
No comment! The King of Fighters XIII (5-man round robin)
  1. GDL | Ghaleon (Chris Hatala, CLE)
  2. Burgertime (Tim Sherman, PGH)
KOF is still a really fun game, and even if the scene has died off, it’s still a really hype tournament game. What I love about hosting Cleveland Clash is it’s a place where even if you aren’t playing a game regularly anymore, once a month you’ve got a chance to shake the rust and have fun with it again. Guilty Gear xrd (5-man round robin)
  1. Shinlad (Adam Fazenbaker, PGH)
  2. Guiseppe (Guiseppe Zielinski, PGH)
Really glad we could add this at the last minute. I don’t really know anything about GG, but the new one seems to be a legit game. Glad the people who play it seem pretty passionate about it. That’s a wrap! June 13 is the Cleveland Clash 3. I’m going to see how much it would be to get some T-shirts or small bonus arranged for winners of tournaments that get over 12 people. Even if this isn’t a major (nor do I ever want to run one again) I know how serious it is to win a tournament with dedicated, hardcore players, and I want to find out how to reward that and you can show your pride. I really like where this is going. It’s a lot of work (for a bar mitzvah, I usually run 7-10 setups for about 5 hours, including setup and teardown, to entertain about 70-100) but fighting games & competitive Smash have very special places in my heart, and I would never have discovered that I could use gaming to entertain people for a career if it weren’t for directing tournament. See you June 13! (And feel free to come out and practice at the Monday and Thursday bar gaming events!)]]>