Virtual Reality Action Zones

Games Done Legit is THE International Authority in VR Event Entertainment and Spectacle!

Our decade+ of electronic-entertainment expertise means only our Virtual Reality is guaranteed safe, welcoming, and WOW'ing for all guests.

Browns VR and Video Wall
VR Multiplayer Racing
VR Zone 24_ft screen

Do you remember playing with friends when you were young? Your imagination was your only limit.

With our Virtual Reality Action Zones, any adventure you've ever dreamed of experiencing feels 100% real.

Games Done Legit is the undisputed leader in VR fun, with hundreds of corporate & private events since 2016!

1,000s of experiences to complement any event theme!

-Put your nose up against the Mona Lisa
-Deflect lasers & fight dark forces with a lightsaber
-Dodge linebackers, hit HRs, drop dimes in real arenas!
-Journey through the ocean depths to outer space 

VR Zone Paint Smaller


  • So Easy & Intuitive, All Ages Enjoy Immediately!
  • Up to 120 users per Zone at a 4-hour event
  • Combine with GDL activities for NO lines!
  • Creates An Amazing Spectacle for Crowds
    (Everyone takes photos/video all on their own!)
  • No Motion Sickness, No Boring Applications!
Bar-Mitzvah-Games-Done-Legit-Virtual Reality Bar Mitzvah

Popular Bundles With Virtual Reality Action Zones:

Green Screen Photobooth Zone

Ferrari Arcade Racing Zones

Guitar Hero + Rock Band Stage

All of our services include:

Dedicated Event Tech

Each activity has a fully trained, fairly compensated, people-person technician to ensure your guests are happy, so you're not left to worry about equipment or technical difficulties!

Planning/labor included

No hidden fees, no shady contracts, no fine print. Our pricing is simple and client-focused!

Unparalled technical expertise

You won't find any events company with more in-depth knowledge of how to engage guests through electronic entertainment!

A personal touch

You'll deal with the owner directly, who listens to your needs and matches your goals with our services to ensure you get exactly what you're looking for.