Green Screen Photobooth Zone

Revisiting the classics that shaped our childhood will make your co-workers smile like nothing you've seen in the office!

Browns ESPN Cleveland Green Screen Photobooth Zone
Green Screen Photobooth Zone - Universal Windows Direct Team Building Event
Green Screen Photobooth Zone - Cleveland Monsters Marvel Super Hero Event

Why settle for a cramped photobooth with cheesy props and tiny picture strips?

Or a rotating photobooth that fits one person and only churns out disposable social media and no picture or takeaway to look back on?

A Green Screen Photobooth Zone combines everything Games Done Legit loves -- inclusiveness, group fun, and interactivity, & personalization -- with a Photobooth!

Fuchs Mizachi Macabeets Green Screen Photobooth
Green Screen Photobooth Zone - Wedding - Zelda - The Ladies


  • Process Up To 6,000 guests in a 4-hour event!
  • Up to 350 prints free (enough for most events)
  • Free easily sharable digital gallery with all event photos, either for you only, or for all event guests
  • Add a Memory Book for Guest-Signed Photos!
  • Add any Branding (Logos/Overlays/Templates)!
  • 2 backgrounds included - pick from anything!
    (We purchase licensed backgrounds if needed)

Popular Bundles With a Green Screen Photobooth Zone:

Virtual Reality Action Zones

Ferrari Arcade Racing Zones

Guitar Hero + Rock Band Stage

All of our services include:

Dedicated Event Tech

Each activity has a fully trained, fairly compensated, people-person technician to ensure your guests are happy, so you're not left to worry about equipment or technical difficulties!

Planning/labor included

No hidden fees, no shady contracts, no fine print. Our pricing is simple and client-focused!

Unparalled technical expertise

You won't find any events company with more in-depth knowledge of how to engage guests through electronic entertainment!

A personal touch

You'll deal with the owner directly, who listens to your needs and matches your goals with our services to ensure you get exactly what you're looking for.