Phantasy Star Generation 4 Title Screen

Phantasy Star Generation:4 is both a relocalization and retranslation of the original English script and proper nouns (weapons, monsters, names, etc.)

Download Phantasy Star Generation:4 here.

As SEGA canceled “Phantasy Star Generation:4″ many years ago, this project aimed to create a definitive, series-ending Phantasy Star experience that can also be better appreciated by modern players.


  • Restore every mistranslated connection to the other PS games
  • Best express Japanese creators’ intent in both story & themes
  • Make the game’s script more colloquial, fun, and emotional (from NPCs to main story)
  • Add PS lore
  • Add depth to character relationships
  • Explain character actions that had been given no in-game reasoning (see project site for details – spoilers)

Graphics/sound are unmodified from SEGA’s English release, besides adding in monsters present in Japanese that were censored from the English release.

If you have different preferences for the proper nouns, I have different templates I can probably adapt to what you're looking for. Just contact me at hatalawriting at gmail dot com ! Or through my Youtube Let's Play Commentary channel too.

Phantasy Star IV 4 Fan Translation Story Dialog

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