Fresh Water Cleveland-Games Done Legit Brings Gaming to Classroom

Date of Article: 04/27/2016

Videogames have long been derided as brain-melting time wasters, a label Chris Hatala has spent a good portion of his career refuting.

Hatala is founder of GDL Entertainment, Ltd. (Games Done Legit), an event-planning company that integrates video games into wedding receptions, corporate teambuilding programs and other non-traditional spaces. Educational programming is GDL’s latest stereotype-busting venture, particularly in reaching children through gaming and coding.

Over the last year, a GDL program at Horizon Education Centers has school-age kids harnessing games as both a learning tool and character builder. Children attending the center are divided into groups, then work together to solve problems relayed through math or shape recognition games. A puzzle game calledDragonBox, for example, teaches kids simple concepts related to algebraic equations.

“They’re doing algebra by the end of the session,” says Hatala. “This is hard education.”

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