Crain's Cleveland Business – Augmented Reality Can Take Events to the Next Level

Date of Article: 09/16/2017

It never ends. You’re just beginning to feel good with Instagram, Snapchat is still mysterious, and now you’re hearing that “VR” and “AR” are the next big things in special-event engagement?

I’m right with you. Social-media event integration gets a lot of hype, but it’s so tough to measure its ROI. Creating content people genuinely want to share and interact with is even tougher.

Similarly, don’t freak out over virtual and augmented reality — yet.

Room-scale virtual reality, like the HTC Vive, does need to be experienced to be believed, but in terms of event engagement, it should be low on your priority list. Here’s why:

One headset is needed per user

A high-grade, room-scale VR zone starts at $2,000

Almost nobody knows how to effectively use VR yet for business, which we lay out for you in a recent post at

So then, what the heck is AR, and why does it matter so much more right now for your special events?