Cleveland Retrogame League!

Games Done Legit’s Cleveland Retrogame League is a love letter to the pick-up-and-play simplicity of classic gaming, that everyone can enjoy and compete in, and to past retro events like the Nintendo World Championships (which Chris Hatala, Final Boss/Event Director of GDL, actually competed in at eight years old in 1990!).

Featuring retrogames across all systems: some loved, some not-so-loved, and some never-been-released. Contests each week will play 3 on-site challenges at either (or both) of two Games Done Legit bar gaming events, each rated “A” for anyone, “C” for challenging, and “E” for Extra Credit, over 8 weeks of play.
The points you win in any challenge stack toward your season grand total, with the top players qualifying for Grand Finals at the CCAG show July 25.
Cleveland Retrogame League Ring Games Done Legit
The CCAG will also offer two open-play qualifiers in the morning and afternoon for the evening Grand Finals, as well. (Those who competed in the Retrogame League and accumulated 10 points or more automatically skip the 1st round challenge.)
Final winner receives a one-of-a-kind, custom-made, hand-designed Retro Championship ring from Don Basch Jewelers!
Cleveland Retrogame League PBR GDL
 And look what Pabst Blue Ribbon provided! Each week’s winner gets a PBR pint glass, but the top qualifier at each venue across the 8-week event wins  boss PBR guitar!
Week 1: June 1 (The Side Quest Bar), June 4 (Happy Dog, West Side)
Thank you to our event partners!
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