Cleveland Vidogames – WARPwednesdays at B Side Arcade – Console Gaming

Note: We had a great run at B Side, but GDL’s Cleveland Video Games events now run Mondays and Thursdays, at The Side Quest Bar and at The Happy Dog (West Side) — come hang out for all your modern and retrogaming needs!

The older we get, the harder it is to find time to kick back and relax. When I was in grade/high school, I could play videogames for hours on end, every day, if I wanted to. But now, it’s a rarity to even schedule time to see your friends, let alone burn time playing games like I used to.

That’s where my idea for GDL Entertainment came in. After running an international videogame competition every year, I really wanted to find more ways to bring people together through the games they love, on a fun, everyday basis.

And now GDL Entertainment offers free videogame get-togethers on Cleveland’s East Side, every single Wed from 7-10 p.m., at the B Side Liquor Lounge & ArcadeSee more photos or scroll below!

Enjoy wireless console gaming on B Side’s bar HDTVs, or enter in our weekly Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament and causals! Check out the Cleveland Beer x Videogames or the Northeast Ohio Smash Bros. groups on Facebook for ongoing discussion!

To make it even even easier, here’s the Google Maps link for you.

B Side High Scores

Featuring prizes from Big Fun, one of the nation’s best toy stores, located right next door in Coventry! 20140423_205626 You name the game, we’ll provide it. Just come out and chill with your friends, while enjoying B Side’s full arcade! 20140430_212117 Check us out at, or @GamesDoneLegit on Twitter. See AMESOME gaming pics on Instagram at @GamesDoneLegit. OR just text GDL to 22828 and you’ll be in the loop! #WARPwednesdays Please consider subscribing to our site weekly newsletter, too, to stay in touch with upcoming events and contests! ]]>