Vintage Arcade Machines and Pinball

Maintained them with all original parts to deliver the best nostalgic gaming experience in Cleveland arcade machine rentals.

One of the world's best gamers and event directors will make your group feel like kids again!


Arcade Cabinets Games Done Legit
Galaga and Pac-Man Arcade Machine at a Games Done Legit event
Virtua Cop 2 Lightgun Arcade Machine at a Games Done Legit event

We have the most popular arcades ever:

Pac Man (2 player simultaneous)

Galaga (2 player simultaneous)

Duck Hunt (lightgun)

NBA Jam (Michael Jordan "Rewind" hack)

NFL Blitz

NHL Open Ice

Mortal Kombat II

Street Fighter II

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Simpsons

House of the Dead 2 (lightguns)

Tales From the Crypt (Pinball)

And more!

NBA Jam Arcade on Spectator Screen
Create an Amazing Spectator Experience! Output Arcade Games to Giant Screens!

Remember the feeling of playing Galaga, or Pac-Man at local pizza parlor?

Or the excitement of NBA Jam or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at your local hole-in-the-arcade?

Or stepping up to a Street Figher II or Mortal Kombat machine for the first time?

Our Vintage Arcade and Pinball Machines bring the joy you grew up to your office or venue for a trip down memory lane - even better than you remember!

Open Ice - NBA Jam (1)
Tales from the Crypt Games Done Legit


  • Real hardware, full-size and vintage!
  • The most popular arcade games ever!
  • No illegal emulators! No shoddy, laggy LCDs!
  • Professionally Serviced, Lovingly Maintainted
Duck Hunt Arcade Machine at Games Done Legit '80s Party

Popular Bundles With Retro Videogames Event Zones:

Virtual Reality Action Zones

Ferrari Arcade Racing Zones

Guitar Hero + Rock Band Stage

All of our services include:

Dedicated Event Tech

Each activity has a fully trained, fairly compensated, people-person technician to ensure your guests are happy, so you're not left to worry about equipment or technical difficulties!

Planning/labor included

No hidden fees, no shady contracts, no fine print. Our pricing is simple and client-focused!

Unparalled technical expertise

You won't find any events company with more in-depth knowledge of how to engage guests through electronic entertainment!

A personal touch

You'll deal with the owner directly, who listens to your needs and matches your goals with our services to ensure you get exactly what you're looking for.